Sarky comments for the VMAs 2013

Gaga got boo’d, Kanye sported his uber-classy tatt and for a second, I really thought Miley was naked. Once again, never a dull moment at the VMA’s.
Although I much prefer disecting the red carpet at events like the Baftas and Grammys, I’d never pass up an opportunity to pass judgement on people who can afford the best clothes in the world and still show up in… well… these.

Hug me Ellie! Actually, on second thought..


Ellie Goulding’s dress made me shield my eyes. Girl looks like she could put somebody’s eye out.
(Sidenote: she was seen snuggling with Ed Sheeran during the performances. Jammy biach)

Feather is murder


Rita Ora looked gorgeous as always, it’s just such a shame she had to murder so many peacocks to do so. Shake ya tail feather.

Miley mouses


I can’t even comment on this. I feel like most celebrities nowadays are going for the shock factor rather than even attempting to look nice. Miley, you look a dick.

Outta my grill


It’s not classy, it’s not stylish, and from afar it makes you look like you have a really bad plaque problem. Stop it, stop it now.

Ding dong, binman calling


This year, Gaga sported various bin bags. There’s nothing else I can say (eh eh, eh eh).

Cutie patootie


Ariana looked cute as a button in this floral dress, but this is the VMA’s, not a walk in the park.

Until next time!


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