Nail Gallery

I’ve been a busy, busy bee this week. For a quick post, take a look at my nail gallery over the last year to inspire some colours or designs for your own nails.

Have fun!


Side note: My nails are bare and will be all weekend. Nightmare. I’m not happy about it but I think my babies need some breathing space. Also I’m still getting used to wordpress and haven’t figured out how to shrink the images so they’re HAAAYUGE.



This is my fave of all of the design’s I’ve used this year. It’s on trend and so easy to do. Use a good few layers for the nude otherwise you’ll see your nail through the polish and it’ll look cheap. Then paint just one layer of the sparkles over the top, and don’t go overboard.

Bottom coat: ‘Nude’ by Barry M
Top coat: ‘Brit Pop’ by Angelica



I love white nails! It’s hard to find a white that’s good for all-over use rather than just for french tips, but this one has a really nice matte finish. White elongates the nails and makes your hands look thinner (and if you think this is a weird thing to say you’re obviously not cursed with the fat finger-ness that the women in my family are).  Lots and lots of layers though.

‘Matt White’ by Barry M



I painted my nails like this for a full three years from the end of high-school until the end of college. The trick with multi-colour nails is that you need colours that compliment each other, it makes me cringe right through when I see nails painted orange, yellow, purple,.. shudder. I think it’s especially nice when the colours are pastelly.

From thumb to pinkie: (All Barry M)
Blueberry Icecream
Bright Pink (but that’s only because I ran out of Strawberry Icecream. Looks much better,
Mint Green
Peach Melba



Not really one for the girly nails, but this pink looks cute without being too barbie-ish. It has a nice plastic finish and looks especially good on squarely shaped nails.

Bright Pink by Barry M


So bright. I love it. This is the perfect colour for summer as it’s easy to customise and makes your finger nails pop. I’d wear it all year through but I’d look a dick.

Lemon Icecream byBarry M



This was from a really cheap nail varnish I just had lying around, probably off one of those god awful christmas sets your nan gives you and you cant bring yourself to throw away. Bless me nan. I think it would of looked a lot classier with a nude or something a bit darker, but less orange that this. The glitter however, is gorgeous and goes on really thick. It does take a while to dry,

Orange/gold/weird colour: Unknown, but the company that makes it is called ‘Technic Nail Varnish’
Silver: Shade 63 by Xtras (Exclusive to the little shop in Eldon Square, opposite to where McDonalds used to be).


If any of you get your nails done at a salon, this is a lush colour to go for, especially when you’re naturally dark skinned or have a tan. I happend to have had a spray tan that day, a nice break from being so white I’m practically see-through. These were shellac gel nails, cured under the UV light. I hated it because I hate people doing my nails. Why would I pay nearly twenty quid when you CANT EVEN STAY IN THE LINES GOD. All in the name of my mothers wedding.

Cake Pop by Shallac


Does anyone realise how excited I am for Christmas, for the sole reason of using this nail varnish?! Well?! It goes on so nice, needing only like, two coats. Make SURE to put a top coat on though because it chips so easily it’s not even funny.

Red Glitter by Barry M


I don’t know why everyone has such a problem with green nails. I think they really ppp and look different. This one goes on really well and looked matt.

Mint Green by Barry M






That’s all folks.


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