Does Our Type Depend On Our Age?

If we’re being extremely stereotypical here, this is the way it tends to go with relationships: When you’re young (and we’re talking very young, like nursery) the boy that treats you mean keeps you keen. Getting your head slam-dunked into the curb when you’re playing catchy-kissy actually means he likes you. It’s such a shame this doesn’t carry on forever, because that means that the man that rolls his eyes at me on the Metro every morning might very well be lusting after me.

Fast-forward to your teenage years, and you’re after the rebellious type that will make your dad say ‘that boy is NOT setting foot in my house!’. Yeah dad, because telling me not to do something tends to work so well in your favour, so telling me not to do SOMEONE is going to have the same effect.

In your twenties, when your degrees felt through and the only place that will take you on is Tesco, you’re after someone adventurous, to fill up the lonely nights that would have been spent staying in with Emmerdale and a share-sized bag of Doritos. Yeah, sure. Share sized.

Usually in our 30s and 40s, we’re getting to the sensible, grounded stage in our life and want a man to reflect that. Unfortunately, other people have grown up long before you and have snagged the best ones. It’s a shame, but there’s always online dating. “Don’t you know there’s no stigma anymore?” said every smug married you know.

So does our ‘type’ really depend on our age? Should we have a class in highschool that teaches you it’s much cooler to have a sensible boyfriend and to stay away from the wasters, or are these mistakes we all have to make to grow as a person and, hopefully, find our Mr Right in the end?


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