My Month In Books

Laid In Chelsea by Ollie Locke (2013)



















I was halfway through this, and gave it up as a bad job. As a massive Made In Chelsea fan, I was soo looking forward to this. I chose Ollies because Francis’ looked HIGHLY boring, I wouldn’t want to make Spencer any more money, nobody cares about Fredrick anyway and I DIDN’T REALISE MY PROUDLOCK HAD A BOOK OUT :@. So yeah, Ollie promises to dish the dirt on all of his past relationships, and I guess he does. The problem is, they are very mundane and some sound very made up. (Spoiler alert) nobody, like NOBODY has ever ‘pritt-sticked their pubes to their chest in a bid to look older. It’s gross, and it wouldn’t happen.
I did have a few chuckles though, mainly at how frightfully upper-class it all was. Me and the old boys from our boarding school were pranksters. One of our favorite things to do was to get glowsticks and have pretend raves / When my parents divorced, we had nothing. I had to live in a house with only three storeys. Can you imagine the horror?!?! 
Ok I’m exaggerating, but the bad thing is, only slightly. Would not recommend.


Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy by Helen Fielding (2013)

It’s here. The long awaited book of my entire teenage life. I’ve had it pre-ordered since there was a whisper of release, and I’m telling you now, it did not disappoint. If you’ve managed to avoid all of the articles about it which gave away the BIGGEST spoiler, STOP READING NOW. I’m telling you it’s good. Buy it. For those of you that know, read on.
So Helen killed off Mark. Despicable, I know. This book is all about Bridget getting over the love of her life and, oh my days, bringing up her two children. Helen has incorporated Bridget into the new world so, so well. Watching her struggle through online dating, twitter, PTA meetings and the dark world of texting had me genuinely laughing, which rarely happens when I read.  Would recommend.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett (2009)

Oldie I know. My friend made me promise to read this like, months ago, but I’ve been putting it off because I won’t lie, it looked really boring. But after more persuasion, I agreed. Lordy, it’s the best decision I’ve made this year. This book gives you a fantastic insight into life in the early 60s, where black people couldn’t even sit on the same side of the bus as white people, but it gives you it from both the whites and blacks sides. The story follows Aibileen, Minny and Skeeter’s story as they attempt to change the ways and views of the world. I’ll not give away much more, but it’s one of those books that literally hook you from the first line, and I read it in a day in a half. Would recommend, and with it being old, you can probably get it pretty cheap. There’s also a movie starring Emma Stone as Skeeter, and Ignacio Suarez’s (Ugly Betty’s dad) care worker as Minny.

Guess Who I Pulled Last Night by Nikki Ashton (2013)

I got this on kindle for 99p and it was definitely worth the price. Would I have paid more for it? No. It’s not an overall bad book, follows the chick flick genre to a T with a couple of twists and turns, but even at its climax I had no problem putting it down. The story follows three best friends as they try their hand at the dating game, and get shit all over by useless men. Would recommend, but only the 99p kindle edition.


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