So because I’m a big fan of all things cute and quirky, I’ve decided to start a monthly Etsy blog post, showcasing my favorite finds of the month. Sometimes I’ll incorporate themes, for example this post is based around fathers day since it’s coming up (June 21, DON’T forget!).

For anyone who’s been living under a rock, Etsy is an online marketplace where people from all around the world can sell their creations, from knitted blankets to custom-made jewelry.
It’s fricking fantastic really.

Here are my top picks for dad-related presents:

1. Personalized leather wallet

etsy 2ets
£16.81, by engravingwiz
I’ve always thought that wallets are a perfect default present for all of the male species – they all need one after all. Having it monogrammed with your pops initials makes it personal, and it’s real leather which the majority of older men get really psyched about.
Unfortunately/, the $100 bill isn’t included. False advertising, much?
Buy it here.


2. Retro PACMAN T-Shirt
etsy 3
£8.99, by KinkyNewtTees
I love this shirt, because that ghost’s just like ‘can u not’. It’s made with high-quality ink and material so it’ll last your dad a lifetime, which is good because he probably buys clothes like once every three years. What’s with that?
Buy it here.

3. Saving soap samples
etsy 4etsss
£6.73, by EcoChicSoaps
Aside from being extremely cool and original, these soaps made with a special formula that prevents cutting or chafing. Weighing in at around one ounce each, you can even choose your own scents. If your dad’s a particular fan of one, you can visit the sellers Etsy page and buy it in full-size!
Buy it here.

4. Star Wars themed mug
etsy 1
£7, by PrintsmadewithLOVE
Apologize for all of those crap mugs you made him in primary school with this ~*banterus*~ replacement. It’s printed with the same design on both sides, and is completely safe for washing and microwaving.
Do or do not, there is no try(ing to top this gift).

5. Personalized apron
£14.80, by MilliesGifts
Attention all UK residents: IT’S FINALLY SORT OF SUNNY BUT NOT REALLY BUT THAT’S ENOUGH FOR US ANYWAY. hot-ish weather goes hand-in-hand with barbecues, and if your dad’s like any other red-blooded male, he’ll feel that it’s his personal duty to get all up in there. This apron can be customized with his name, just in case it’s not Tim.
Buy it here.

What are you getting for the main man in your life? Let me know in the comments below.



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