Jon Snow’s Best Moments (Game Of Thrones)

What the effing crap, Game Of Thrones?

Fine, it’s true that we all knew what we were getting into when we started watching GoT, yet even after suffering through The Red Wedding, Ygritte’s arrow-y end, and *still not over it, soz* the untimely loss of Khal Drogo, we still thought that they drew the line SOMEWHERE.

Well, apparently not. He’s dead, guys. Our Jon is gone. Twitter is currently going into total meltdown, and there are a whole host of fan theories of ways which he could ~*-rise from the dead-*~ next season. Don’t get me wrong, I’d do anything to have Jon back, but it’s time to face facts. The producers are pure scoundrels that don’t want us to be happy, and they aren’t kind enough to pacify us.

In celebration of his ruggedly sexy life, here’s our tribute to Jon Snow and his top moments:

1) The First Sighting

Ok, so technically the first time we seen Jon he was supposed to be around 14/15 years old, but you’ll forgive us for falling instantly in love with him. From his moody pout to his beautiful curls, we were hooked from the get-go.

2) Finding the baby direwolves

We got our first insight into Jon’s backstory when he stumbled upon the baby direwolves. There were just enough wolves to go to the true children of Eddard Stark, and Jon sacrificed his own furry bundle of joy as he was a bastard. Luckily, there was a runt of the litter that he managed to bag (symbolism, anyone?).

3) Pure ‘bants’ with Tyrion

In season one, Jon and our other fave Tyrion had a lot of face-time. Both considered outsiders from their families, they bonded in a lovingly sarcastic way. I sort of don’t want to talk about Tyrion, because if they take him away too I’ll literally be DONE.

4) Cave-time with Ygritte

So it turns out Jon Snow doesn’t exactly know nothing. 
After spending so long being such a goody-two-shoes and not stepping a toe out of line, Jon casts aside his vows and gets hot’n’heavy with Ygritte the Wildling in a cave. It was also refreshing to see a woman in GoT being able to enjoy a bit of oral, since all of the sex-scenes leading up had been extremely male-orientated or borderline rape.

5. Sticking up for Sam

There are a small few GoT characters that you can’t help but love, and Samwel Tarly is one of them. It broke our hearts to see The Nights Watch treat him so badly, but Jon put a stop to that. Since then, the two became great friends. Back then. When he was alive. He’s not, anymore. Wjgiegbfiohrbjrtyehnhgrtfgnvghtyrgf!!

6. When he occasionally broke out a smile
jonny smile

Oh sweet mother of the old God’s and new.
It’s not often Jon cracked a smile, but when he did it caused most female viewers to get a ladyboner.

On the bright side, though, now Kit Harrington’s got a bit more spare time, maybe he can eventually take me on a date?

And how his watch has ended. 

What’s your favorite Jon Snow moment? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead!


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