REVIEW: Mask Of Magnaminty

All the spotty gals in the house way WOOOAHHH!


All through puberty, my skin was gloriously blemish-free, and I’d just swail through the school corridors feeling just soo sorry for all those poor souls that suffered breakouts because of their hormones.
“That must be so rough”
Then BANG, I’m in the prime of my adult life and I’ve never looked worse. What with the stress of the last push of university, the grueling job hunt, money troubles and whatever else, these past few months have been the spotty-est of my life, and it makes me MISERABLE.

I’ve at least managed to figure out the correlation between my mood and my breakouts, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a stress-spotter. Does this mean I flew through puberty completely zen? Well damn.

So I knew that I needed to take control of my own demise. I needed something strong that I could break out when needed, but wouldn’t overload my skin with nasty chemicals. To LUSH!

I love visiting Lush. Everything from its super helpful employees to the headache-inducingly sweet smell, it’s just an all-round wonderful place to spend a half hour.

To be fair, I was already half convinced that I’d go for Mask Of Magnaminty, thanks to my gal-pal Hey Poppy J’s review, which you can watch here). I nabbed a 125g tub for £5.50 and went on my way.
mask top

Mask Of Magnaminty promises to clean, calm and clear the skin. It’s made with 14 different ingredients, but mainly boasts peppermint oil to freshen, evening primrose seeds to calm and aduki beans to gently exfoliate, It particularly appealed to me because I was looking for something that could really calm my skin down while also refreshing it (does that even make sense?).

One of the things that attracted me to this face mask in particular is that it’s self preserving – who’s got the time to pamper themselves every few days? I needed something that I could pick up every few weeks and it wouldn’t have grown a second skin or, like, an ear. It was great to find this, since Lush products are au naturale, so often run the risk of going off if not used up by a certain time.

I absolutely love the way that it goes onto your skin. It’s got a proper thick and luxurious feel, and the mint makes your skin tingle. Just look how great it looks:
mask me

The instructions say to leave the mask on for five to ten minutes, and I tried that for a few uses. Now though, I like to leave it on for around 15 to 20, otherwise I feel like it hasn’t had a chance to penetrate my skin enough. And also because I’m reckless.

It’s got quite a gritty texture, though you can definitely feel the oils that they’ve incorporated, too. The smell? It’s toothpaste. That might not sound appealing without the product in front of you, but it’s surprisingly a nice, fresh smell when you’re lathering it on your mush.

mask close

Removing it IS a bit of a pain. Do not use a white towel, especially if that white towel belongs to your mother because she won’t speak to you for a week. I like to run a flannel under warm water, give it a squeeze to get rid of the excess, then remove it bit by bit.

Because of the mint, I really expected my skin to feel tight and dry after taking the mask off, but that wasn’t the case at all. Maybe it’s the oils, maybe it’s because the person who made it is a wizard, but my skin felt both deeply cleaned and moisturized. I was spitting out bits of seeds for a while after, though.

I’ve used my 125g tub three times myself, and also gave some to the mother-in-law for a pamper night so that makes four. It’s recommended that you use a ‘generous amount’, so that we did. It’s still around 1/3rd of the way full, so I’d definitely say it’s good value for money.

mask in

Bottom line, this is now my go-to item when my skin has an episode. When I see those beasts popping out from every available crevice of my skin, I no longer worry. Only 15/20 minutes with Mask Of Magnaminty and I’ll show those spots who’s boss.

For more information on this product, click here.

What’s your skin-savior? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead!


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