#THEPOWEROFMAKEUP: A Trend I Can Get On Board With


Remember the #NoMakeupSelfie? The trend swept the UK last March, but I never really ‘got it’. Much like the ‘stick a bottle of coke between your boobs’ saga, which was meant to raise money for breast cancer, I just didn’t see how it was contributing to finding a cure. Not wearing any makeup had absolutely nothing to do with empathizing with people who had cancer, and the whole ‘coke bottle’ thing seemed to be mocking for the women that HAD suffered from breast cancer, and lost their own breasts because of it.

When #ThePowerOfMakeup started cropping up on my timeline, I automatically rolled my eyes and scrolled on, already convinced that it was another way for women to be vain in the name of charity. Then it kept popping up again and again, and I begrudgingly clicked on an article. It turned out to be something that really resonated with me.

The trend initially kicked off when YouTuber/beauty Vlogger NikkieTutorials posted a video with a face half-full of makeup, and the other half squeaky clean. This wasn’t to promote how ace she was at doing makeup (though she totally is!), but to draw attention to the stigma of make-up shaming.

Loads of women everywhere are made to feel like less of a feminist every day simply because of their love of makeup, and we’re taking a stand. In her video, Nikki says: “I’ve been noticing a lot lately that girls have been almost ashamed to say they love makeup, because nowadays when you say you love makeup, you either do it because you want to look good for boys, you do it because you’re insecure, or you do it because you don’t love yourself . . . I feel like in a way lately it’s almost a crime to love doing your makeup.”

So why does being a feminist have to mean that you play down your femininity?

Is feminism not the notion that women should be able to do what they want (to an extent, don’t start), whether that’s burning their bras and buying a wardrobe full of slacks to using a push-up bra and all the makeup Superdrug has to offer? Why does embracing the fact that you’re a woman and want to accentuate this make you the sole cause of feminism taking a great big step back?

If you genuinely think that woman only wear makeup to draw attention from men, then you’re extremely narrow minded. I’ve got a feeling that if you asked 100 women who they wear makeup for, 98 of them would reply “myself”. Although there’s OBV nothing wrong with loving the bare-skin look, it’s also totally okay to only feel yourself when you’re armed with your fave primer, foundation and NARS pallet.

For instance, I’m not great at the whole makeup thing (confession time: most of my makeup is from Avon!) but I very rarely leave the house without drawing my eyebrows on. Do I realise that it can make me look like a clown? Sure. Is that going to make me stop doing it? HEeEEeEeElll to the naw! Because of my #AlopeciaProbz, I don’t have a natural eyebrow, and I’m insecure about it. Sue me, bitch.

So ladies, whether you’re spending half of your income on the latest highlighter or you only need a scrub of Neutrogena to make you feel human, don’t let anyone stop you from doing your thang.

I want to fill this post with all of your beautiful faces, so tweet me with your #ThePowerOfMakeup selfies with a line about what makeup means to you, at @dimmickhead!


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