NCL Restaurant Week: Miller & Carter

Oh Restaurant Week, how I do love thee.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, the 3rd to the 9th of August means only one thing to the Toon’s dwellers: amazing scran at a fraction of its normal price!
Hosted by NE1, Restaurant Week is when over 70 eateries in the Newcastle area offer a deal for £10-£15 per person. There’s always so much variety on the types of food, so it’s really something everyone can enjoy.

I’ve been in Paris since the start of the week (blog post coming soon!) so I feared that I’d have to miss out this year. However, it involved food so I insisted that the other half and I drag our groggy, jet lagged bums out of bed and hit the Town.

Because I’m a creature of habit, and since leaving my student status behind it’ll be a long time since I can afford a good steak dinner again, I opted for the second time in a row to visit Miller & Carter, a steakhouse with a true upper-class feel.

(Miller & Carter Steakhouse, Newcastle. Photo credit: PubExplorer)

Based in the heart of Newcastle’s city center, M&C was offering two courses for £15. To get the full experience, we decided to cheat the system a bit and shared a starter and desert.

(Chargrilled chicken wings in a smoked chipotle and honey sauce. Usual price: £5.50)

Although the glaze was to die for, with the sweet honey working so well with the smokey chipotle, I’d be the first to say that over a fiver is a bit pricey for the sake of three chicken wings that didn’t have too much meat on them to begin with. They were accompanied by a blue cheese dip, which was really delicious.

NOTE: Last year we shared some nachos, and I’d definitely recommend them. Fully loaded, fully delicious. 

Looking through other reviews on Trip Advisor and their personal Facebook page, I wasn’t surprised to read about slow service and rude staff. Believe me, I know waiting tables is a hard job and I totally feel you, but when you’re paying for a pretty pricey meal in what I’d describe as a classy restaurant, it’s not too much to expect service with a smile or not to have to wait almost 45 minutes for a starter. We’re talking mid-day too, so it really wasn’t busy.

The whole point of my return though, was because you genuinely can’t beat a M&C steak. Like literally, the staff could smack me over the face with a cow’s leg and I’d probably not even notice if I’d had one of those babies in front of me.

(Rump 8oz steak. Usual price: £13.95)

The steak comes with a parsley butter that melts and drips throughout the meat, giving it that extra bit of flavor that you didn’t even know you were looking for. For £13.95, you really can’t complain about value for money on this one, as it comes with a side of seasoned fries, a side salad, a steak sauce of your choice, a gorgeously crispy onion loaf and, erm, half a lettuce round (but we’ll get to that).

Everything is totally packed with flavor, and it’s one of those meals that, even though you’re busting at the seams, you can’t bear to stop eating. I’d have asked for a doggy bag, but my boyfriend wouldn’t let me it’s not that type of place.

But, M&C, can we talk about the lettuce? What’s the deal?
Their steak dishes are all accompanied by a ‘lettuce wedge’, which is basically half a round of iceberg lettuce for which you can choose a topping for (I went for garlic mayo and parmesan). Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to have it there, but I guess I don’t really ‘get’ it. I wouldn’t like to imagine how much lettuce this wastes, as nobody likes those big white bits, do they?.
Anyway, maybe it’s all part of the art of steak and I’m just a clueless culture-tramp.

The decor goes for understated elegance, which puts you at ease in the big space. I was also extremely fond of the hilarious cartoons on the stairway to the bathroom, which I won’t post because it’d spoil the beef-bantz.

11823716_10206736059815724_750063260_n 11845937_10206736061775773_267939044_n

To finish, we shared some classic sticky toffee pud with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
11824039_10206736058615694_329771169_n(Sticky Toffee Pudding. Usual price: Not on menu. What’s that about?)

Although I don’t think you can particularly naff up STP, I loved their elegant take on the desert. Expertly laid out, the pud was just hot enough to go perfectly with the ice cream, which tasted very clotted (no ASDA brand here, ta’ very much), and the whole thing was drizzled with a toffee sauce.

Some items were a bit on the pricey side, but it’s not like you’d opt for a steakhouse when you’re on a budget.
Although we waited around an hour and a half for the meal to come full circle and the service was tepid at best, I can confidently say that their food was top notch, and I’ll be back come next Restaurant Week.

But not before, cuz’ I’m not made of money. 


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