What I’d Tell My Fresher-Self

Happy results day, everyone!

Here’s to hoping you’ve all got the results you were hoping for, and with any luck you’ll be finally piecing together your plans for university. I’m way at the other end of the spectrum now; diploma in hand, desperately searching for a job and generally watching a lot of Netflix. It got me to wondering, if I could go back to where you are now, what advice would I give to myself? What advice would everyone else give to THEMselves?

I reached out to all of the graduates I knew to accumulate the top things they wish they knew.

“Actually work. While uni’s supposed to be an absolute riot, the whole reason you’re there is to learn. Just think, you’ve got this amazing opportunity to learn all about your dream job, so embrace it. It might be the last thing you feel like doing at a 9.A.M lecture after a heavy night out, but you’ll regret it if you don’t”.
– Lauren Dimmick, Magazine journalism

“Organise your schedule! Taking some time to sit down and work out where you’re going to be and when will always be helpful. Not only does it give you time to get your assignments done well but it means you can also plan your crazy nights out and allow time for hangover days”
Poppy Johnson, Journalism

“Never be afraid to ask for advice! I should have followed my own advice more often”
Olivia Dixon, Primary teaching

“I would say have fun and make sure you take the opportunities when you can! Jump in with both feet and love every second. Oh and get into the habit of creating your own opportunities, I learned that early on, your lecturers wont be there for ever so treat uni almost like you’re on your own and know that your moves influence your future”
Kayleigh Falcus, Textiles & surface design

“Enjoy your first two years (especially first), because third year is no fun and games!”
Libby Bateman, News journalism

“Take each and every opportunity available, whether it be additional courses or learning another language. These extra skills can make your CV shine and open so many additional doors which otherwise may have been closed”
– Lynsey Kimmit, English

“Attend lectures, whatever is discussed will give you a clearer mind on how to do the best possible job at assignments, thus leading to better grades. Trust your tutors as well, as that’s what they are there for”
Michael Bowers, Sports journalism

“Consider studying abroad, even just for a semester. It made me much more confident, showed how my field works in a different country and I made some incredible memories. My writing definitely benefited from being exposed to a new audience and that was something I took into my final year. I had the opportunity to work for Time Out Melbourne which was a fantastic CV booster, and I also got to explore the wonderful country of Australia during my time away from University which was AMAZING!”
Adele Johnson, Journalism

DON’T DROP OUT! As stressful as it may be and as much as you may hate life, it’s so worth it in the end. Never forget why you started.
I’d also suggest getting a part time job while
you study. The extra money helps massively and you’re getting work experience which is always a plus. Also, if you’re working somewhere you really hate, it’s motivation to work hard and pass so you can get out of there!”
Jade Patterson, Teaching/English

“Have a vague idea of a specific job you want, and what skills might help you to get it. Not to mention it’s motivation to carry on and achieve the best. Also, save up! I thought I was loaded in first year but it doesn’t last long”
Jenny Hewitt, Magazine journalism

“Get involved with extra curricular stuff as well. Try something new or something you’ve always fancied doing. It can be a really good way to take a break when you need one from uni work and to make even more friends!”
Sophie Heward, Magazine journalism

“The library is your friend and not just for ‘geeks’. Also being a geek is NOT a bad thing. Work and stick in or else it will come back to bite you in the arse and you will regret it. Spend your summer working and finding experience so that during academic time you have more time to dedicate to your studies. Being skint is normal. Absolutely normal. Cuppa soups and £1 shots are your friends. The Only person your classification matters to you is you. As long as you put 100% in be proud because university is stressful and hard. Don’t think that everyone copes with it cause realistically everyone is just keeping their head above water, they’re just acting very well” 
Stephanie Arnott, English

“Don’t let anything hold you back! And stick in from the beginning, you may think you have all the time in the world, but it’s over in a blink of an eye”
Becca Leighton-Cox, Journalism

“You don’t have to read the 4 books a week you are assigned”
Robyn Appleby, English literature

“It’s okay to be sad and miss home. After freshers week is over and you realise you ACTUALLY have to do work, that’s when you start to miss your mumma. It passes, they’re only a phone call away!”
Jay Wait,

All in all, just make sure you make the most out of every moment, because before you know it, it’s done with. We hope our pieces of wisdom will be of use to you, and keep checking back as I’ll be adding more as they come!

What’s your advice for freshers? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead!


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