LAUREN RECOMMENDS: Aveeno Moistuiser

I’ve always really struggled to find a body moisturiser that works for me. I’ve tried everything from the thick to the thin, the pricey to the knock-off’s, and the au naturel to the… erm, clogged with chemicals. But alas, I’ve always found a problem that I just can’t look past, and discarded them once I’d finished the bottle (I’m neither an animal or a millionaire, after all).

I’ll be honest and admit that the main reason I first tried out Aveeno, it was because Jennifer Aniston was the face of it. Anything that’s good enough for Jen An’s good enough for me. Though I doubt she’s really using high-street beauty products but that’s another post all together.

maxresdefault (1)Credit: Aveeno Doesn’t she look just so beautiful and moisturised? 

I picked up my first bottle of Moisturising Creamy Oil with Colloidal Oatmeal in Boots for £7.65, which really isn’t bad for 300ml. The bottle promises to moisturise like an oil and absorb like a cream.


After a quick exfoliation, I was ready to test out my new product.

Formulated with oatmeal and almond oil, both known for their moisturising properties, it aims to maintain the skins natural moisture level, as well as prevent dry skin. I was particularly interested in their statement that there would be no greasy after-feel, because I frickin’ hate that.

The first thing I noticed about Aveeno oil was the texture: it had the white colouring of your average moisturiser, but when you rub it in it has the distinct texture of oil. Despite the bottles reassurance, this worried me. Although I was after a good moisturisation, I didn’t want to end up greasy or have it block my pores and make me sweaty.

11913591_10206807256595599_1742303751_n 11880927_10206807255915582_2093577214_n
The cream melts into an oil once activated

The cream had a distinct almond scent (due to the almond oil, obv), which wasn’t too overpowering and actually quite pleasant.

I used the product all over my body from the neck down, giving a bit extra to dry patches on my knees and elbows, and gave it a while to dry.

Turns out you only need a matter of minutes before the cream is completely absorbed into your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and supple. This is particularly handy for those of us who prefer to moisturise on a morning and get on with their day.

Another great plus of this was that, once absorbed, you couldn’t smell it at all. It’s not that the almond oil had a particularly bad or overpowering smell, but I worried that it would start smelling rather sickly after a while. I understand that one of the biggest appeals of moisturisers is the lingering scent, but personally I like to get my smell from my perfume.

I must say that I really noticed a difference in my skin within a week or so, and since that first purchase I’ve re-filled my stocks several times (with daily use, the product lasts me around two weeks).


Feeling particularly hassled one evening (I hate shopping, sue me), I stormed into Boots with the intentions of buying my moisturiser and getting the hell outta’ there. All went smoothly, but once I got home I realised that I’d picked up the wrong bottle. Instead, I was left with Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising Lotion, which in my defense, sounds exactly the same as the Moisturising Cream if you’re not paying attention. The bottles are basically identical, spare for the top of the latter’s bottle being green. As I said, I hate shopping, so instead of going back out into the big bad world and exchanging it, I decided to try it out – maybe it was a sign from the Beauty God’s?

Very sneaky, Aveeno. Very sneaky indeed.

Although a lot of the products in the two moisturisers are the same, they couldn’t be more different when it comes to application. Gone is the smooth, silky application of the creamy oil, replaced by a much thicker substance that feels like a mix between a rich moisturiser and Vasseline. Doesn’t exactly sound appealing, but stay with me. 

11910825_10206807255875581_231222535_n 11911631_10206807255755578_1566552566_n
Notice the difference between the lotion (left) and the cream (right).

Also gone is the sweet almond smell. Actually, gone is any smell at all. Depending on how you look at it, this could be seen as a positive or negative. For me, it was a great thing.

Application is a bit less luxurious, as the thicker texure makes for a more difficult time. It also takes a lot longer to absorb, so I’d recommend this for people with some time to spare, perhaps on a night time before bed.

This isn’t exactly the best sales pitch you’ll hear, but I stand by Aveeno 100%. Once applied and properly absorbed, your skin feels amazing, and any dry skin problems you have will more than likely be eradicated.

I now use both of these products in my daily beauty routine, using the moisturizing cream from the neck down, and using the thicker lotion on problem areas, like elbows, knees and feet. I’ve been through three bottles of my regular moisturiser, and I only seem to be about half-way down the more intensive bottle.

Plus, when I’m having a particularly ‘dry’ day, I apply a pea-sized amount of the lotion to my face and leave to absorb, and afterwards you can’t even see the dry patches!

Have you used Aveeno products? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead.


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