FOREVER LIVING: An Unbiased Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you’ve heard the buzz surrounding Forever Living products. It’s hard to scroll down your newsfeed without seeing the reps singing their praises. Unfortunately for the average Joe like you and I, they’re paid to say so.

I’ll admit, I figuratively rolled my eyes whenever I seen a post about FL; just the next hyped-up money making pyramid scheme from a big corporation, tricking unwitting members of the public into toting their crap for them. However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I might be wrong (shock, right?). Really, I didn’t know the first thing about Forever Living, from their products to their values. So I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and try them out for myself. I’m offering you a fully unbiased review of FL.

So what’s the premise behind the company anyway? A quick Google will fill you in on their background: They go way back to 1978 and offer, in their words, “better health, more wealth, and a secure future”. Big claims. It’s a multi-million dollar company that specialises in products created with aloe vera, which is proven to have beneficial wellness properties. There are over 9.5 million people toting their products (yes, MILLION), who got involved by firstly trying out their products for themselves. This gives sellers the opportunity to decide whether or not it’s for them, and if they truly believe in the companys message.

While scoping through their website for information, they literally claimed that joining their company is THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY ON EARTH. That’s what it actually says. I’m not sure I agree, mind you. I think there are probably better opportunities out there. Headlining at Glasto, travelling the world, making sweet, sweet love to Chris Pratt, to name a few.

Anyway, it works much like Avon or Ann Summers. As a seller, you pay for a bunch of products at a reduced price, and then sell them on to others to make a profit.

A technique of a lot of FL sellers is to give a box of products to a potential customer to try out for 48 hours. I must say, this got me interested. Surely if you can see results in the space of two days, the products must be worth the hype. So why not try it out?

I obtained a box full to the brim with FL, and below I’ve reviewed each product included, with the exception of the MSM gel and the propolis creme, as they’re specifically aimed at certain conditions:



scrubI actually thought that I’d got this product mixed up with something else, as when I went to apply it, it seemed to be a body wash. It wasn’t until I rubbed my hands together that I noticed the exfoliating beads within, and I immediately liked it. With beads this small, there was very little chance of it being harsh on your skin or buffing away the new skin. The one complaint I had with this though, is that it just didn’t feel particularly luxurious. I like to have a good exfoliate around once a fortnight, and I like it to feel like a treat for my skin. Distinctly lacking a lather effect or a yummy smell (which I find V important), it just left me a bit underwhelmed.


faceAfter my disappointment at the overall feel of the exfoliator, I was pleasantly surprised with the hand and face soap. I’d had a pretty heavy face of makeup that day, so I was hoping that it’d do a good job of removing it as well as not leaving my skin feeling like it had been through the mill. I gave myself a good hearty two squirts, and it immediately foamed up. On application, it felt gorgeously cleansing and left me with a very clean feeling.  It’s also worth mentioning that my face didn’t feel dried out afterwards, which is quite hard to find from a face wash.


Picture-1As some of you may know, I have alopecia. I did wonder whether it was worth trying out this product, but FL boasts that their lotions and potions can be used on all of the family, so I decided to try it out on what baby-hair I did have.
Again, this product was extremely luxe and only needed a small amount for coverage. Weirdly, the conditioner had a distinctly different smell from the shampoo though. Don’t know what that’s about. Neither of the smells were bad, but I couldn’t identify the aloe or the jojoba. Once I let what I had left of my hair air-dry, my hair felt silky smooth to the touch, as well as hydrated.


MOISThis was the first of the lotions that I came across which could be used on the face, so I gathered a pea-sized amount and worked it in. It was quite thick, so I wouldn’t recommend using it every day if you have combination to oily skin. It seemed to lock the moisture in, which is fantastic for that pamper-day feel.

When I showered the next morning, I noticed that I was able to wipe off excess lotion. This might sound gross, but it’s really a good thing, as it means that my face was protected overnight!


aloe_vera_gelly_bigNow, this is the product that I’ve heard the most praise about.
I don’t consider myself to have any skin issues per say – the only thing that seemed appropriate to use it on was my scalp. I wear a wig whenever I’m not behind closed doors, and this can really take its toll on my hairline. It’s become quite dried out, which makes every day life a bit uncomfortable at times. I gently massaged the gel into the area and left it to dry. Once it was all absorbed, it appeared to leave a protective layer, which was exactly what I was looking for. As with any skin irritation, you want to remove it from further damage, and this definitely does the job.


aloe_heat_lotion_bigWHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE?! I AM BLIND.

Seriously, I’m freaking out about this. The Aloe Heat Lotion describes itself as the perfect tool to give yourself a soothing massage after a long day. What do people complain about most after a long day at work? Sore feet. Now, my feet weren’t particularly pained since I’ve sat on my arse at work all day, but I still wanted to have a go. The first thing that sprung to mind with this product was the distinct smell of those Deep Heat things. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was strong. So strong in fact that after about a minute, I was completely blind. My eyes were streaming, but I didn’t know what to do since my hands were covered in the product, ruling out rubbing them, as were my feet, which ruled out getting up to wash my hands. Quite the predicament. I’m perched on the end of my bed, tears running down my face (surely undoing the effects of the Aloe Lotion I’d applied earlier) and that’s when the burning starts. Literal burning, as if my feet had been plunged into the depths of hell. Fanning them only exacerbated the situation. I’m a mess. Should I wash it off? I DON’T KNOW, BECAUSE THERE’S NO APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. Send help. The weird thing is that my hands aren’t burning, and they had the same amount of cream if not more. Witchcraft?

I do, however, think that this product would be ideal for someone who’s on their feet all day or suffering from sore back muscles. When you’re prepared for the heat engulfment, you might actually enjoy it. Just keep a wet towel near for emergencies.


Honestly, I’m slightly underwhelmed by Forever Living products. As someone who doesn’t particularly suffer from skin problems, I don’t think that I should be considered their target audience. However, I stand by my point that advertising by the reps haven’t particularly pushed that that’s who it’s there for. They definitely gave me the impression that FL was for everyone, and everyone would reap the benefits. Life changing? Not so much.

It’s always nice to have a bit of a pamper, and I enjoyed giving myself some TLC, but compared with my usual pamper session (filled with Soap & Glory, usually) it just didn’t withstand.

I definitely think that the products have the opportunity to be extremely good for people that need that bit extra in their skincare routine, as a lot of the products are specifically designed for problem areas. For me though, I’ll stick with my usual.

Have you tried Forever Living products? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead!



    1. I didn’t get a chance to try that one, I think it was aimed at a certain condition or something? Did you get the chance to try out the tooth whitener? That’s the only one I’m gutted I missed!

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