REVIEW: Kaspas Newcastle

I am absolutely a desserts person. It’s difficult to find somewhere in Newcastle that veers away from the typical sticky toffee pud or apple crumble, so when I heard that Kaspas was opening a store in my home town, I could already feel the sugar rush.

Situated on Clayton Street, directly across from the O2 Academy, Kaspas seems to already be a popular haunt for its Geordie residents. Arriving at around 4pm, it was full to capacity. This WAS due to the fact that almost all of the tables are booths though, which makes for awkward limited seating. The wait wasn’t long too long, and we got to peruse the extensive menu while we waited.

By the time we were seated, we were practically drooling with excitement, made worse by every desert coming out of the kitchen looking so delicious. Directly facing the door was an extensive array of ice creams and gelatos (the bubblegum looked especially good), which you could mix and match.


Never one to pass up a banoffee-anything, I decided to go for one of their famous bannoffee and Nutella waffles with a side of vanilla ice-cream.


Banoffee & Nutella american waffle with vanilla ice-cream, £5.50

You can see for yourself that the presentation was near flawless, and the smell coming from it was too much that I almost tucked right in without getting a picture.

I can only assume that the ice cream was Mr Whippy, which was fine by me. The waffle really was something else; smothered in a gorgeous toffee sauce, it had the was the perfect balance of not too cakey, yet not too crispy. I was also surprised at the sheer size of it, especially for only £5.50!


Take a look at the rest of our orders:

Make Your Own: Waffle with chocolate M&MS and Nutella, with an M&M base and ice-cream (6.50)

Cappuccino and Oreo ice-cream, bubblegum gelato with a chocolate sauce and sprinkles (weird combo, but whatever floats your boat)

The M&M peanut american waffle with an M&M base + whipped cream, £6.50

The only thing that didn’t settle well with me was the overall ambiance of the place. Being a quirky desserts place, I’d imagined either an all-American theme or bright colours and comfy chairs. Instead the whole place was decorated in a garish hot-pink and black, with hard booths. Booming out of the speakers from the moment we walked in were various RnB tracks, which hardly puts you in mind of a sweet dessert place.


Still, I really cant recommend this place enough. It’s the ideal stop for something different and sweet. Never suffer through mediocre sticky toffee pud again.

Have you been to Kaspas yet? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead!



  1. Your review is spot on. I totally agree with the seating arrangement. There should be smaller tables instead of the huge booths. Maybe the bigger booths downstairs and tables as you go in. Oh how that door alarm bugs me as each person walks in. Spot desserts though. White Choc waffle was amazing. Bubblegum icecream is fab. I tried the cherry skittles milkshake and it tastes like skittles. I’d recommend sharing as there very sickly. Oh and the tropical fruit sundae is nice. Lots of fresh tasty fruit so it’s part of your 5 a day 🙂

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