Pack With Me: Stress-shopping Haul

Who left their holiday shopping until the last minute?


Yep, it was me. Why? Because I’m a piece of shit laid back type of gal, and like to put off stressful situations until I can’t ignore them anymore. So, what’s a girl to do when it’s the end of August and shops have stopped selling all of their Summer stuff? Panic buy, of course.

I’m ashamed of how much money I was able to spend in the space of 24 hours, really I am. However, I’m also kind of thrilled, because I’m surrounded by pretty new things and I have a great sense of achievement, because I DID IT. I managed a whole holiday shop and only burst into tears 47 times.

I’m off to Marrakesh on Friday. I don’t know about you, but the first thing that pops into my head when I think about Morocco is PATTERNS! The colourful souks with their beautiful, intricate designs got me feeling some kinda way, and I knew that I wanted to use my holiday shopping to embody the scheme.

As any plus size girl will agree though, statement dressing in the sweltering heat is not an easy task, and it ends up feeling like a fantastic idea to scrap your fashionable wardrobe for loose-fitting tees and those weird white linen pants that your mum seems to love. I had to incorperate the strategy of boob-sweat/leg chafing prevention while still finding a way to get in my pretty patterns and, truly, I think I’ve nailed it.
Here are a few of my top picks below (you’ll be surprised at how much Primark a girl can own):

11931724_10206899483341210_1820245649_n 11944935_10206899483421212_330266457_n
Birkenstocks, £25 (T.K.Maxx) 

I once saw a meme that went something along the lines of: “Bitches be paying $130 to be lookin’ like they attended The Last Supper tho”. Whoever this wordsmith was, they were right on the point. Birkenstock’s are so gross that they’re kind of beautiful, and they were bound to be my first purchase when it came to holiday shopping. Those of you that know me know that I’m a tightwad to a fault, and I was NEVER going to pay full price for a pair. Miraculously, I ventured into T.K.Maxx on my hunt for a new bag, and stumbled across these babies. They’ve got the most beautiful pair in lime green and bright red, too. I went for the metallic brown, because I knew that they’d go with more outfits.
Turn that water into Pinacoladas please, big guy.

Flipflops 2-pack, wedges, flip flops with gold button (Matalan)

You can’t not love Matalan. It’s the ideal shop for the staples (cheaper than Primarni in some cases, plus better quality material!), and you might even find some great statement pieces too. As I’ve mentioned, I was in a state of pure panic buying by this point, and literally grabbed every pair that caught my eye. Once I’d learned to breathe again, I looked over my Matalan haul and was pleasantly surprised that I loved all of them. I’ve never been one for heels on holiday (swollen, sweltering trotters, amirite?), but I couldn’t resist these beauties for the sake of £8.

11920476_10206899485061253_252172990_n 11948188_10206899484741245_2147118526_n
White dress, £18 (River Island) Chinaprint dress, £10 (Primark)

It’s always fun to play the glamourpuss when you’re away, and I’m over the moon with my evening dresses. Granted they’re limited, but I’m not under any illusion that me and the BF are going to be going for classy nights on the cobbles too often. Try sitting in the foisty bikini while we’re swallowing jaggerbombs instead. I’m a bit dubious about my ability to pull off a white dress, but I thought it was so beautiful and I’m hoping that it’ll look fab with my Moroccan tan!

11914959_10206899484661243_1817464919_n 11923007_10206899483981226_60434250_n 11950759_10206899484061228_1361856926_n
All Primark

Kimonos are my total go-to. They work as a coverup through the day, yet glam up any outfit on a night. What makes them even more vital is that they’re easy-breezy without being stifling. The last two are last years, but I couldn’t resist because PATTERN.

Primark, £6 each

Like, where do you even buy holiday towels? It’s not something you particularly think about, so when the time comes you can find yourself at a loss. I’d completely resigned myself to drip-drying for the week, until I was waiting in the Primark line and they were RIGHT THERE. They’re cute without being OTT (I wanted a Disney Princess one but was denied the right by my boyfriend).

11909873_10206899484181231_620382038_n 11948283_10206899483701219_194653033_n 11910966_10206899483821222_281829144_n~
Long yellow, £4 (Primark) Mullet skirt, £8 (Peacocks) Pineapple print skirt, £4 (Primark)

Let’s not skirt around the fact (lolz) that flowy skirts are ideal for a holiday. Taking the dreaded chafing into the equation, these styles are great when paired with the AMAZING invention of…erm… Leggings That I Cut Up To Stop My Thighs Rubbing. That’s a trademarked name by the way, so if you use it I’ll sue. 



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