REVIEW: Rob Sinclair’s Hunt For The Enemy



I was privileged to be asked to be part of the blog tour for Rob Sinclair’s newest venture, Hunt For The Enemy. The Enemy series comes to an end with this latest installment, and it’s truly lived up the its legendary predecessors.


We’re reunited with our favorite broody action-man Carl Logan, but this time the tables have turned. The Joint Intelligence Agency, the only normality he’s ever known, have branded him a traitor after he’s framed for murder. They want him dead, and as per, they’re not the only ones.
But it’s not just Carl’s life on the line – one by one, agents and informants from all over are dying. Is it all linked? Only our hero can stop it once and for all.

HFTE is everything I was expecting: gripping, action packed and suspenseful until the last second. Rob has a knack for creating an intricate story, but one that flows well and doesn’t overpower the readers experience. Because of this, HFTE can be read as a stand-alone novel (though I’d recommend starting with Dance With The Enemy, onto Rise Of The Enemy, THEN the latest – possibly only stopping for food and toilet breaks).

You’d think after two books you’d pretty much know the main character inside out, but Sinclair creates such a complex character that his personality’s still building in the third. Although he’s somewhat of a loner, Logan is appealing as the hero and, even though he’s far from perfect, you undoubtedly like and root for him.

It’s the general rule throughout literature that after the first hit, the story-line dwindles and can’t live up. This is SO not the case for the Enemy series. From the first to the third, it’s a total draw for me.

So Rob, what’s next?





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