#QuirkyQristmas – Gift Ideas For Her

Halloween is over and I have absolutely no qualms about diving head-first into everything Christmassy. If there are any Scrooges out there, I suggest you avert your eyes!

This is hopefully going to be the first of many gift-themed posts, and I’m hoping to inspire you all (and myself) to get a wriggle on and start your Christmas Shopping early!

The first installment is for the women in your life – take a look below at my online picks.


‘Like A Boss’ Mousepad, £9.88


These made-to-order, stain-resistant mousepad’s are beautiful and cheeky, plus anything that brightens up your working day is a winner.

Buy it here for the boss-ass bitch in  your life.


Cord Organiser, from £5.93


The dreaded untangle! These cute-as-a-button dog-themed cable organisers will mean you’ll never face this First World Problem every again.

Don’t get in a tangle, but it here.

Gilmore Girls Themed Mug, £12.35


It’s been a long time coming, but Gilmore Girls is finally making a comeback THIS VERY MONTH on Netflix! These mugs come in three GG-themed designs, but this is my personal fave.

For the Rory to your Loreli, get it here.

Otter Tape Dispenser, £11.12


It’s an otter-shaped tape dispenser. It’s an OTTER shaped TAPE DISPENSER!!! Nobody needs this, but everyone wants it.

You otterly MUST buy it here.


Prosecco & Strawberry Lip Balm, £7.45


Was there ever a better combo than strawberries and Prosecco? Make the change from boring old Vasseline with this beauty.

I’m at loss for a pun – just click here to buy.


Gin & Tonic Charm Bracelet, £10


Pandora is SO last Christmas. Get this funky charm bracelet instead! The buyer cannot be held responsible for the noon-cravings, though.

Happy hour starts here.

Custom Temporary Tatts, £5.76


For the friend who’s not ready to take the plunge (or face the needle!), these gorgeous temporary tattoo designs can last up to seven days.

‘Stick’ it in your trolley here. 


Dachshund Planter, £18


I almost passed out when I seen this. Look at his face! Look at his plant! He’s such a good boy.

Don’t go sniffin’ around, get it here.


Personalised Stripe Makeup Bag, £16


This isn’t just if you have a friend called Laura and can be personalised with anything you want. The simple but bold design is gorgeous.

Play the name-game here.


‘Straight Outta Wherever’ Print, £17.95


Be the talk of the town (lol) by gifting this modern, tongue-in-cheek print.

Get it straight outta’ here.




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