#QuirkyQristmas – Gift Ideas For Her

Halloween is over and I have absolutely no qualms about diving head-first into everything Christmassy. If there are any Scrooges out there, I suggest you avert your eyes!

This is hopefully going to be the first of many gift-themed posts, and I’m hoping to inspire you all (and myself) to get a wriggle on and start your Christmas Shopping early!

The first installment is for the women in your life – take a look below at my online picks.


‘Like A Boss’ Mousepad, £9.88


These made-to-order, stain-resistant mousepad’s are beautiful and cheeky, plus anything that brightens up your working day is a winner.

Buy it here for the boss-ass bitch in  your life.


Cord Organiser, from £5.93


The dreaded untangle! These cute-as-a-button dog-themed cable organisers will mean you’ll never face this First World Problem every again.

Don’t get in a tangle, but it here.

Gilmore Girls Themed Mug, £12.35


It’s been a long time coming, but Gilmore Girls is finally making a comeback THIS VERY MONTH on Netflix! These mugs come in three GG-themed designs, but this is my personal fave.

For the Rory to your Loreli, get it here.

Otter Tape Dispenser, £11.12


It’s an otter-shaped tape dispenser. It’s an OTTER shaped TAPE DISPENSER!!! Nobody needs this, but everyone wants it.

You otterly MUST buy it here.


Prosecco & Strawberry Lip Balm, £7.45


Was there ever a better combo than strawberries and Prosecco? Make the change from boring old Vasseline with this beauty.

I’m at loss for a pun – just click here to buy.


Gin & Tonic Charm Bracelet, £10


Pandora is SO last Christmas. Get this funky charm bracelet instead! The buyer cannot be held responsible for the noon-cravings, though.

Happy hour starts here.

Custom Temporary Tatts, £5.76


For the friend who’s not ready to take the plunge (or face the needle!), these gorgeous temporary tattoo designs can last up to seven days.

‘Stick’ it in your trolley here. 


Dachshund Planter, £18


I almost passed out when I seen this. Look at his face! Look at his plant! He’s such a good boy.

Don’t go sniffin’ around, get it here.


Personalised Stripe Makeup Bag, £16


This isn’t just if you have a friend called Laura and can be personalised with anything you want. The simple but bold design is gorgeous.

Play the name-game here.


‘Straight Outta Wherever’ Print, £17.95


Be the talk of the town (lol) by gifting this modern, tongue-in-cheek print.

Get it straight outta’ here.




REVIEW: Toothy Tabs By Lush

Because of my extreme hoarding tendencies, I’m often surprised by the amount of beauty products I discover in my bedroom after a clear-out. It’s like a gift from me, to me!

I re-stumbled upon my Lush Toothy Tabs that I’d received as a gift THREE Christmases ago. Coincidentally, I was down to my last dregs of proper toothpaste, so it was the ideal time to try these babies out.


Overall, they sounded pretty cool. Shaped as a circular solid tablet, Toothy Tabs are packed with essential oils in place of fluoride (for cleaning), baking powder (for stains) and spices (to freshen breath).

As is always the case with Lush products, they are made will all-natural ingreedients, and come in 100% recyclable packaging. Did you know that billions (yes, BILLIONS) of toothpaste tubes go into landfill every year, and they can take 450 years (that’s FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS) to break down? I bloody well didn’t. This immediately piqued my interest, and before I even tried the product out I was cursing the rest of mankind for being so selfish and not using them themselves.

There are a variety of flavours, including Atomic, Dirty and Breath Of God (yes, really), but I happened to have Sparkle, made predominantly with citrus oils and pepper. The idea to use the Tabs was to take one between your teeth and nibble it until it was completely broken up. I felt like I was doing a bushtucker trial on I’m A Celebrity – it just felt wrong. I suppose I was expected the post-nibbled result to be something resembling a paste, but it was more just wet powder. Next, you’re instructed to wet your toothbrush and start brushing as you normally would. Really, once the tabs started to foam (as long as I kept the back of my throat closed) it was very much like brushing with regular toothpaste.


Nauseating story alert:

How can I say this without bringing on some collective projectile vomiting?
You know when you’re brushing your teeth and the toothpaste starts to dribble  escape? Well, because of the foaminess, this also happens with the Toothy Tabs. When this is happening with the standard Colgate, I have no problem slurping (ew) it up until I’m finished and can spit it out. This felt very wrong with the TT’s. I tried it and almost gagged, because I just couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a paracetamol that I couldn’t swallow.
And as far as gross anecdotes go, that’ll do for now.

After spitting out the remaining product, I did the ‘teeth test’ as I usually would. You know the Teeth Test right? They do it on all the adverts? Big cheesy smile while you run your tongue across your newly-polished gnashers? No? Okay then. They DID pass the test, as my teeth felt both smooth and clean. However, I just didn’t FEEL like I’d brushed my teeth. It was more feeling like I’d just taken drugs. You know that drug that you rub on your gums or whatever? Is it cocaine? LSD? I don’t know about drugs, I’m not going to apologise for that. Anyway, that’s what it felt like.

The lack of minty freshness definitely added to my pessimism, although I know that there’s no correlation between mint and oral hygiene, it’s rather just a way of thinking that we’re all conditioned to.

Lush’s website claims that, from a three month study, regular users of the tabs reported overall cleanliness, no increased sensitivity and some participants seen an improvement of dental hygiene. Not exactly the most compelling advert in the world, is it? TOOTHY TABS: YOU MIGHT FEEL BETTER! Bit of a difference from the claims of other toothpaste markets, guaranteeing to improve your gums, strengthen enamel and produce teeny-tiny unicorns that will floss your teeth with their silver hair.


In conclusion, I’ve got strongly mixed feelings about the Toothy Tab’s. I think they’re an amazingly beneficial idea in theory, but I also think that we’ve all been far too conditioned by the usual, mint toothpastes to change our habit now. Without the fresh aftertaste, it just doesn’t feel like a thorough clean. Maybe we can break the convention and look forward to a tabby’er world?

Have you tried Toothy Tabs? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead!

Pack With Me: Stress-shopping Haul

Who left their holiday shopping until the last minute?


Yep, it was me. Why? Because I’m a piece of shit laid back type of gal, and like to put off stressful situations until I can’t ignore them anymore. So, what’s a girl to do when it’s the end of August and shops have stopped selling all of their Summer stuff? Panic buy, of course.

I’m ashamed of how much money I was able to spend in the space of 24 hours, really I am. However, I’m also kind of thrilled, because I’m surrounded by pretty new things and I have a great sense of achievement, because I DID IT. I managed a whole holiday shop and only burst into tears 47 times.

I’m off to Marrakesh on Friday. I don’t know about you, but the first thing that pops into my head when I think about Morocco is PATTERNS! The colourful souks with their beautiful, intricate designs got me feeling some kinda way, and I knew that I wanted to use my holiday shopping to embody the scheme.

As any plus size girl will agree though, statement dressing in the sweltering heat is not an easy task, and it ends up feeling like a fantastic idea to scrap your fashionable wardrobe for loose-fitting tees and those weird white linen pants that your mum seems to love. I had to incorperate the strategy of boob-sweat/leg chafing prevention while still finding a way to get in my pretty patterns and, truly, I think I’ve nailed it.
Here are a few of my top picks below (you’ll be surprised at how much Primark a girl can own):

11931724_10206899483341210_1820245649_n 11944935_10206899483421212_330266457_n
Birkenstocks, £25 (T.K.Maxx) 

I once saw a meme that went something along the lines of: “Bitches be paying $130 to be lookin’ like they attended The Last Supper tho”. Whoever this wordsmith was, they were right on the point. Birkenstock’s are so gross that they’re kind of beautiful, and they were bound to be my first purchase when it came to holiday shopping. Those of you that know me know that I’m a tightwad to a fault, and I was NEVER going to pay full price for a pair. Miraculously, I ventured into T.K.Maxx on my hunt for a new bag, and stumbled across these babies. They’ve got the most beautiful pair in lime green and bright red, too. I went for the metallic brown, because I knew that they’d go with more outfits.
Turn that water into Pinacoladas please, big guy.

Flipflops 2-pack, wedges, flip flops with gold button (Matalan)

You can’t not love Matalan. It’s the ideal shop for the staples (cheaper than Primarni in some cases, plus better quality material!), and you might even find some great statement pieces too. As I’ve mentioned, I was in a state of pure panic buying by this point, and literally grabbed every pair that caught my eye. Once I’d learned to breathe again, I looked over my Matalan haul and was pleasantly surprised that I loved all of them. I’ve never been one for heels on holiday (swollen, sweltering trotters, amirite?), but I couldn’t resist these beauties for the sake of £8.

11920476_10206899485061253_252172990_n 11948188_10206899484741245_2147118526_n
White dress, £18 (River Island) Chinaprint dress, £10 (Primark)

It’s always fun to play the glamourpuss when you’re away, and I’m over the moon with my evening dresses. Granted they’re limited, but I’m not under any illusion that me and the BF are going to be going for classy nights on the cobbles too often. Try sitting in the foisty bikini while we’re swallowing jaggerbombs instead. I’m a bit dubious about my ability to pull off a white dress, but I thought it was so beautiful and I’m hoping that it’ll look fab with my Moroccan tan!

11914959_10206899484661243_1817464919_n 11923007_10206899483981226_60434250_n 11950759_10206899484061228_1361856926_n
All Primark

Kimonos are my total go-to. They work as a coverup through the day, yet glam up any outfit on a night. What makes them even more vital is that they’re easy-breezy without being stifling. The last two are last years, but I couldn’t resist because PATTERN.

Primark, £6 each

Like, where do you even buy holiday towels? It’s not something you particularly think about, so when the time comes you can find yourself at a loss. I’d completely resigned myself to drip-drying for the week, until I was waiting in the Primark line and they were RIGHT THERE. They’re cute without being OTT (I wanted a Disney Princess one but was denied the right by my boyfriend).

11909873_10206899484181231_620382038_n 11948283_10206899483701219_194653033_n 11910966_10206899483821222_281829144_n~
Long yellow, £4 (Primark) Mullet skirt, £8 (Peacocks) Pineapple print skirt, £4 (Primark)

Let’s not skirt around the fact (lolz) that flowy skirts are ideal for a holiday. Taking the dreaded chafing into the equation, these styles are great when paired with the AMAZING invention of…erm… Leggings That I Cut Up To Stop My Thighs Rubbing. That’s a trademarked name by the way, so if you use it I’ll sue. 

FOREVER LIVING: An Unbiased Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you’ve heard the buzz surrounding Forever Living products. It’s hard to scroll down your newsfeed without seeing the reps singing their praises. Unfortunately for the average Joe like you and I, they’re paid to say so.

I’ll admit, I figuratively rolled my eyes whenever I seen a post about FL; just the next hyped-up money making pyramid scheme from a big corporation, tricking unwitting members of the public into toting their crap for them. However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I might be wrong (shock, right?). Really, I didn’t know the first thing about Forever Living, from their products to their values. So I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and try them out for myself. I’m offering you a fully unbiased review of FL.

So what’s the premise behind the company anyway? A quick Google will fill you in on their background: They go way back to 1978 and offer, in their words, “better health, more wealth, and a secure future”. Big claims. It’s a multi-million dollar company that specialises in products created with aloe vera, which is proven to have beneficial wellness properties. There are over 9.5 million people toting their products (yes, MILLION), who got involved by firstly trying out their products for themselves. This gives sellers the opportunity to decide whether or not it’s for them, and if they truly believe in the companys message.

While scoping through their website for information, they literally claimed that joining their company is THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY ON EARTH. That’s what it actually says. I’m not sure I agree, mind you. I think there are probably better opportunities out there. Headlining at Glasto, travelling the world, making sweet, sweet love to Chris Pratt, to name a few.

Anyway, it works much like Avon or Ann Summers. As a seller, you pay for a bunch of products at a reduced price, and then sell them on to others to make a profit.

A technique of a lot of FL sellers is to give a box of products to a potential customer to try out for 48 hours. I must say, this got me interested. Surely if you can see results in the space of two days, the products must be worth the hype. So why not try it out?

I obtained a box full to the brim with FL, and below I’ve reviewed each product included, with the exception of the MSM gel and the propolis creme, as they’re specifically aimed at certain conditions:



scrubI actually thought that I’d got this product mixed up with something else, as when I went to apply it, it seemed to be a body wash. It wasn’t until I rubbed my hands together that I noticed the exfoliating beads within, and I immediately liked it. With beads this small, there was very little chance of it being harsh on your skin or buffing away the new skin. The one complaint I had with this though, is that it just didn’t feel particularly luxurious. I like to have a good exfoliate around once a fortnight, and I like it to feel like a treat for my skin. Distinctly lacking a lather effect or a yummy smell (which I find V important), it just left me a bit underwhelmed.


faceAfter my disappointment at the overall feel of the exfoliator, I was pleasantly surprised with the hand and face soap. I’d had a pretty heavy face of makeup that day, so I was hoping that it’d do a good job of removing it as well as not leaving my skin feeling like it had been through the mill. I gave myself a good hearty two squirts, and it immediately foamed up. On application, it felt gorgeously cleansing and left me with a very clean feeling.  It’s also worth mentioning that my face didn’t feel dried out afterwards, which is quite hard to find from a face wash.


Picture-1As some of you may know, I have alopecia. I did wonder whether it was worth trying out this product, but FL boasts that their lotions and potions can be used on all of the family, so I decided to try it out on what baby-hair I did have.
Again, this product was extremely luxe and only needed a small amount for coverage. Weirdly, the conditioner had a distinctly different smell from the shampoo though. Don’t know what that’s about. Neither of the smells were bad, but I couldn’t identify the aloe or the jojoba. Once I let what I had left of my hair air-dry, my hair felt silky smooth to the touch, as well as hydrated.


MOISThis was the first of the lotions that I came across which could be used on the face, so I gathered a pea-sized amount and worked it in. It was quite thick, so I wouldn’t recommend using it every day if you have combination to oily skin. It seemed to lock the moisture in, which is fantastic for that pamper-day feel.

When I showered the next morning, I noticed that I was able to wipe off excess lotion. This might sound gross, but it’s really a good thing, as it means that my face was protected overnight!


aloe_vera_gelly_bigNow, this is the product that I’ve heard the most praise about.
I don’t consider myself to have any skin issues per say – the only thing that seemed appropriate to use it on was my scalp. I wear a wig whenever I’m not behind closed doors, and this can really take its toll on my hairline. It’s become quite dried out, which makes every day life a bit uncomfortable at times. I gently massaged the gel into the area and left it to dry. Once it was all absorbed, it appeared to leave a protective layer, which was exactly what I was looking for. As with any skin irritation, you want to remove it from further damage, and this definitely does the job.


aloe_heat_lotion_bigWHAT THE HELL HAVE I DONE?! I AM BLIND.

Seriously, I’m freaking out about this. The Aloe Heat Lotion describes itself as the perfect tool to give yourself a soothing massage after a long day. What do people complain about most after a long day at work? Sore feet. Now, my feet weren’t particularly pained since I’ve sat on my arse at work all day, but I still wanted to have a go. The first thing that sprung to mind with this product was the distinct smell of those Deep Heat things. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was strong. So strong in fact that after about a minute, I was completely blind. My eyes were streaming, but I didn’t know what to do since my hands were covered in the product, ruling out rubbing them, as were my feet, which ruled out getting up to wash my hands. Quite the predicament. I’m perched on the end of my bed, tears running down my face (surely undoing the effects of the Aloe Lotion I’d applied earlier) and that’s when the burning starts. Literal burning, as if my feet had been plunged into the depths of hell. Fanning them only exacerbated the situation. I’m a mess. Should I wash it off? I DON’T KNOW, BECAUSE THERE’S NO APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS. Send help. The weird thing is that my hands aren’t burning, and they had the same amount of cream if not more. Witchcraft?

I do, however, think that this product would be ideal for someone who’s on their feet all day or suffering from sore back muscles. When you’re prepared for the heat engulfment, you might actually enjoy it. Just keep a wet towel near for emergencies.


Honestly, I’m slightly underwhelmed by Forever Living products. As someone who doesn’t particularly suffer from skin problems, I don’t think that I should be considered their target audience. However, I stand by my point that advertising by the reps haven’t particularly pushed that that’s who it’s there for. They definitely gave me the impression that FL was for everyone, and everyone would reap the benefits. Life changing? Not so much.

It’s always nice to have a bit of a pamper, and I enjoyed giving myself some TLC, but compared with my usual pamper session (filled with Soap & Glory, usually) it just didn’t withstand.

I definitely think that the products have the opportunity to be extremely good for people that need that bit extra in their skincare routine, as a lot of the products are specifically designed for problem areas. For me though, I’ll stick with my usual.

Have you tried Forever Living products? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead!

LAUREN RECOMMENDS: Aveeno Moistuiser

I’ve always really struggled to find a body moisturiser that works for me. I’ve tried everything from the thick to the thin, the pricey to the knock-off’s, and the au naturel to the… erm, clogged with chemicals. But alas, I’ve always found a problem that I just can’t look past, and discarded them once I’d finished the bottle (I’m neither an animal or a millionaire, after all).

I’ll be honest and admit that the main reason I first tried out Aveeno, it was because Jennifer Aniston was the face of it. Anything that’s good enough for Jen An’s good enough for me. Though I doubt she’s really using high-street beauty products but that’s another post all together.

maxresdefault (1)Credit: Aveeno Doesn’t she look just so beautiful and moisturised? 

I picked up my first bottle of Moisturising Creamy Oil with Colloidal Oatmeal in Boots for £7.65, which really isn’t bad for 300ml. The bottle promises to moisturise like an oil and absorb like a cream.


After a quick exfoliation, I was ready to test out my new product.

Formulated with oatmeal and almond oil, both known for their moisturising properties, it aims to maintain the skins natural moisture level, as well as prevent dry skin. I was particularly interested in their statement that there would be no greasy after-feel, because I frickin’ hate that.

The first thing I noticed about Aveeno oil was the texture: it had the white colouring of your average moisturiser, but when you rub it in it has the distinct texture of oil. Despite the bottles reassurance, this worried me. Although I was after a good moisturisation, I didn’t want to end up greasy or have it block my pores and make me sweaty.

11913591_10206807256595599_1742303751_n 11880927_10206807255915582_2093577214_n
The cream melts into an oil once activated

The cream had a distinct almond scent (due to the almond oil, obv), which wasn’t too overpowering and actually quite pleasant.

I used the product all over my body from the neck down, giving a bit extra to dry patches on my knees and elbows, and gave it a while to dry.

Turns out you only need a matter of minutes before the cream is completely absorbed into your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and supple. This is particularly handy for those of us who prefer to moisturise on a morning and get on with their day.

Another great plus of this was that, once absorbed, you couldn’t smell it at all. It’s not that the almond oil had a particularly bad or overpowering smell, but I worried that it would start smelling rather sickly after a while. I understand that one of the biggest appeals of moisturisers is the lingering scent, but personally I like to get my smell from my perfume.

I must say that I really noticed a difference in my skin within a week or so, and since that first purchase I’ve re-filled my stocks several times (with daily use, the product lasts me around two weeks).


Feeling particularly hassled one evening (I hate shopping, sue me), I stormed into Boots with the intentions of buying my moisturiser and getting the hell outta’ there. All went smoothly, but once I got home I realised that I’d picked up the wrong bottle. Instead, I was left with Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising Lotion, which in my defense, sounds exactly the same as the Moisturising Cream if you’re not paying attention. The bottles are basically identical, spare for the top of the latter’s bottle being green. As I said, I hate shopping, so instead of going back out into the big bad world and exchanging it, I decided to try it out – maybe it was a sign from the Beauty God’s?

Very sneaky, Aveeno. Very sneaky indeed.

Although a lot of the products in the two moisturisers are the same, they couldn’t be more different when it comes to application. Gone is the smooth, silky application of the creamy oil, replaced by a much thicker substance that feels like a mix between a rich moisturiser and Vasseline. Doesn’t exactly sound appealing, but stay with me. 

11910825_10206807255875581_231222535_n 11911631_10206807255755578_1566552566_n
Notice the difference between the lotion (left) and the cream (right).

Also gone is the sweet almond smell. Actually, gone is any smell at all. Depending on how you look at it, this could be seen as a positive or negative. For me, it was a great thing.

Application is a bit less luxurious, as the thicker texure makes for a more difficult time. It also takes a lot longer to absorb, so I’d recommend this for people with some time to spare, perhaps on a night time before bed.

This isn’t exactly the best sales pitch you’ll hear, but I stand by Aveeno 100%. Once applied and properly absorbed, your skin feels amazing, and any dry skin problems you have will more than likely be eradicated.

I now use both of these products in my daily beauty routine, using the moisturizing cream from the neck down, and using the thicker lotion on problem areas, like elbows, knees and feet. I’ve been through three bottles of my regular moisturiser, and I only seem to be about half-way down the more intensive bottle.

Plus, when I’m having a particularly ‘dry’ day, I apply a pea-sized amount of the lotion to my face and leave to absorb, and afterwards you can’t even see the dry patches!

Have you used Aveeno products? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead.

#THEPOWEROFMAKEUP: A Trend I Can Get On Board With


Remember the #NoMakeupSelfie? The trend swept the UK last March, but I never really ‘got it’. Much like the ‘stick a bottle of coke between your boobs’ saga, which was meant to raise money for breast cancer, I just didn’t see how it was contributing to finding a cure. Not wearing any makeup had absolutely nothing to do with empathizing with people who had cancer, and the whole ‘coke bottle’ thing seemed to be mocking for the women that HAD suffered from breast cancer, and lost their own breasts because of it.

When #ThePowerOfMakeup started cropping up on my timeline, I automatically rolled my eyes and scrolled on, already convinced that it was another way for women to be vain in the name of charity. Then it kept popping up again and again, and I begrudgingly clicked on an article. It turned out to be something that really resonated with me.

The trend initially kicked off when YouTuber/beauty Vlogger NikkieTutorials posted a video with a face half-full of makeup, and the other half squeaky clean. This wasn’t to promote how ace she was at doing makeup (though she totally is!), but to draw attention to the stigma of make-up shaming.

Loads of women everywhere are made to feel like less of a feminist every day simply because of their love of makeup, and we’re taking a stand. In her video, Nikki says: “I’ve been noticing a lot lately that girls have been almost ashamed to say they love makeup, because nowadays when you say you love makeup, you either do it because you want to look good for boys, you do it because you’re insecure, or you do it because you don’t love yourself . . . I feel like in a way lately it’s almost a crime to love doing your makeup.”

So why does being a feminist have to mean that you play down your femininity?

Is feminism not the notion that women should be able to do what they want (to an extent, don’t start), whether that’s burning their bras and buying a wardrobe full of slacks to using a push-up bra and all the makeup Superdrug has to offer? Why does embracing the fact that you’re a woman and want to accentuate this make you the sole cause of feminism taking a great big step back?

If you genuinely think that woman only wear makeup to draw attention from men, then you’re extremely narrow minded. I’ve got a feeling that if you asked 100 women who they wear makeup for, 98 of them would reply “myself”. Although there’s OBV nothing wrong with loving the bare-skin look, it’s also totally okay to only feel yourself when you’re armed with your fave primer, foundation and NARS pallet.

For instance, I’m not great at the whole makeup thing (confession time: most of my makeup is from Avon!) but I very rarely leave the house without drawing my eyebrows on. Do I realise that it can make me look like a clown? Sure. Is that going to make me stop doing it? HEeEEeEeElll to the naw! Because of my #AlopeciaProbz, I don’t have a natural eyebrow, and I’m insecure about it. Sue me, bitch.

So ladies, whether you’re spending half of your income on the latest highlighter or you only need a scrub of Neutrogena to make you feel human, don’t let anyone stop you from doing your thang.

I want to fill this post with all of your beautiful faces, so tweet me with your #ThePowerOfMakeup selfies with a line about what makeup means to you, at @dimmickhead!

#MYMANI: Barry M Matte Topcoat

So I’ve recently discovered my new favorite thing in the whole world, and it only cost £2.99.

I’m obsessed with having perfect nails. Like literally, I’ll never leave the house without a flawless mani and a chip makes me want to wear gloves until I can safely locate a bottle of remover.

I’m always on the lookout for new inventions in the world of nail varnish, and believe me when I say that I’ve tried it all. Intricate designs? Done it. 3D art? Been there. Textured effects? Done that. That weird black topcoat from Avon that made your nails colorfully crack? I’ve done that too, and the sheer tackyness of it made me want to vom. Seriously, why was that ever a thing?

So when I started to see the new ‘matte’ trend perched on the fingernails of all of the IT girls, I knew I wanted to try it. Granted, unlike them, I didn’t have a celeb budget to execute it with.

Then my favorite nail empire came to my rescue once again. Barry M are pure superheroes in my eyes, and a good 70% of my (too many) nail polishes are courtesy of them.

I purchased the Barry M Matte Topcoat in my local Boots, (and may have picked up another three gorgeous colours in the process #sorrynotsorry) and brought it home.

After prepping my nails – buff, file, shine etc – I chose to start my adventure with another Barry M creation, Mango.
I love orange shades, especially when the weather is picking up and everything’s feeling a bit summery. I’ve tried a few orange shades from BM, and they’ve been great but I’ve found them to have a pink tinge. Mango is BRIGHT, IN YOUR FACE orange that keeps catching your eye. Here’s how step #1 looked:


Bright, right? This would have been a pretty great colour to keep on, but I’m having a bit of a moment when it comes to their Gelly range. Because of my obsession with always having my nails dine, they’ve become extremely damaged, and this means that for some reason, the Gelly colours bubbly once they dry and it drives me up the wall. Plus, dur, I had a new toy to try!

Once the varnish was dry, I applied a generous-ish coat of the Matt straight over the top. Within seconds the gloss changed to a gorgeous matt, which didn’t only effect the texture, but also the colour, dulling it in the best way:

Once the top coat was on, it dried surprisingly quickly and I was able to go in with my day. I love when that happens, because every time I paint my nails my brain pretends I need to pee.

The only downside to this product is that it only seems to last for a few days. However, this could be because I’m extremely heavy handed and do the dishes three times a day.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I LOVE this product! It can be used on any nail polish, it’s cheap and it has successfully mixed up my mani.

Have you tried this product? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or on Twitter at @dimmickhead!